The words Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself on a note card pinned to a cork notice board as a reminder to look after our own mental and physical health

It was some time before that I got really concerned about the way I looked.

Was it so bad not to look like The great plastics. Exactly, the Kardashians of course. Like it still surprises me, what are they really famous for! Well of course their so called lifestyle show isn’t the reason.

I wonder if being slim is the new trend or being curvy!

I come across thousands of weight loss advertisements every time I indulge myself into some peanut butter or the almost heavenly roasted chicken legs. Like why does it happen to me! Wait, you guys have experienced the same too right?

Like, why see yourself something that you are clearly not. I am not saying that you got no right to do that but why lower your own self-esteem. You might not have the most curvaceous body,or those sizzling hot legs but trust me peeps it only looks good when you ain’t got any job.

Why being yourself is so hard! Stick to your golden rules. Rules that you have stood by all your childhood. You definitely must have been the prettiest little girl who lived at the corner street with those beautiful hazel eyes and the most kind heart.

All that glitters ain’t gold. You are made to see only half of the picture, or maybe just the happy parts.

What happens next is even more hideous than King Tut’s secret. It’s not about being happy. It’s about embracing what you really are. You might turn into something that the world finds beautiful. But someday you will need yourself when the world would just turn its back again.

Do think about it.


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